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الاثنين، 6 يناير، 2014

The difference between the purchased images and pictures of Google Earth

The difference between the purchased images and pictures of Google Earth? Is it Live or recorded
The difference between the purchased images and pictures of Google Earth

Google Earth imagery is a tremendous amount of satellite images captured Boqmar different and in different dates during the previous years was recorded , therefore it is not broadcast live , as some believe .
Much less accurate coordinates of accuracy that can be obtained by processing the raw satellite imagery .
The majority of military and civilian applications can not be implemented on the Google Earth imagery with the exception of a few applications such as watching and objective measurements of distances and areas .
The difference between the purchased images and pictures of Google Earth

Does not contain the file Metadata and which contains all the imaging data and the sensor user and therefore do not contain data (such as analytical capacity - date and time of photography - spaces frequency used Frequency Bands - inclination angle of the sun for a moment photography - type projection Projection- model balled Earth Spheroid -. .. ) .
Adhere to an area of ​​the image displayed on the screen only , and work on an area larger than the screen requires Thumbnail image resulting in reduced analytical capacity significantly .

Military applications for satellite imagery

Military applications for satellite imagery

The discovery of places of vital goals such as air bases and ammunition depots and determine its coordinates .
Analysis and interpretation of the components of targets detected. Within the satellite
Account spaces goals and estimate the quantities of munitions needed to be destroyed.
Follow the changes in dates and goals in different times and monitor the movements of the warning intentions .
Produce three-dimensional maps (Digital Elevation Models) and implementation of a simulation of the nature of the land .
Study of the theater of operations through soil classification and study tendencies ground for the benefit of the most suitable places to see the movements of vehicles and calf track of the troops and perform the projection and the air and landing as well as the study of the most suitable places to carry out acts of defiance for the progress of the hostile forces .
Implementation of land navigation depending on Satellites. Photos .
The discovery of the gaps resulting from the terrain in radar detection range for our troops .
Select the most appropriate places to create new radars check the best coverage and less gaps .
Determine the most appropriate places to put the antennas in favor of eavesdropping wireless electronic warfare
 Military applications for satellite imagery

الأحد، 5 يناير، 2014

How to fly or how the moon revolves in its orbit does not fall?


Aviation Theory satellite must first understand the ideals following simplified so easy for us to imagine how to fly satellites ... Imagine that you are stuck by a thread tied at the end of a ball of heavy weight and you are Ptdoarh hand strongly in one direction , what will happen? Will revolve around the ball of your hand and will remain taut thread holding the ball and prevents them from darting out.Apply the same theory to the satellite , Vaalghemr industrial comparable to a heavy ball that rotates around the hand , and the globe represent a hand that is the center of rotation , and floss stretched between them in this case is gravity , which attracts Moon for land and resist the centrifugal force , which pay for the outside , and the power of rotation Moon in orbit are taken from the stage all the recent rocket launch , which is where the development of the moon in its orbit where it is tossed Moon rocket angle and force calculated meticulously gives him the ability to move in orbit around the Earth , it is assumed Nzeraya to continue in circulation indefinitely due the lack of resistance outside of the atmosphere where there is no friction between the moon and anything else ( such as air) and in accordance with the law of Newton ( each action has a reaction an equal in magnitude and opposite in direction ) in this case, in outer space, there is a counter-reaction . However, there is a global factors affecting the movement of the moon and the rotation makes Bnhrv from orbit with the passage of time .

Satellite fixed or mobile? And why?

Satellites do not fly theories known flight because they operate outside the atmosphere and control the movement of laws and theories of astronomical taught in science " Mechanics orbits " {Orbital Mechanics}, they spin at very high speeds in orbit {Orbits} fixed and can not be stopped , and increase the speed of the moon whenever approached from the ground and less further away from the earth and therefore there is no fixed satellite .. Even communications satellites and television broadcasting , such as {Nile sat} , which is believed the majority of people it fixed because they direct the receiving antennas to then Athbtonha , they are also not static but rotates in a circular orbit over a specific point on the equator and the same speed as the earth's rotation seems like a constant for us Earth's surface.

Frequently asked questions in the field of space and satellite

Is satellite fixed or mobile ? And why?How to fly or how the moon revolves in its orbit does not fall ?How did the idea of ​​a satellite ? And why?What are the types of orbits of satellites ?What are the different tasks of the satellites ? Where are placed in space ?Ends when the life span of the moon ?How to get rid of the satellites after the end of life ?What is the importance of good design to the moon's orbit ?How is the moon's orbit is an industrial design ?What are the components of the satellite system ?What are the components of the satellite ?How is the launch of satellites ? What are the countries that have the potential of all?What are the analytical capacity of satellite imagery ?What is the difference between the images and radar Alkahrobesria ?What is the difference between satellite imagery and aerial photographs ?What is the military applications of satellite imagery ?What is the difference between the purchased images and pictures of Google Earth? Is Google Images Live or recorded ?

The Trojan asteroids And explain ideas

The mathematician Joseph Lagrange studied the so-called restricted three-body systems, where one
of the three masses is much smaller than the other two. In this case, to a very good approximation,
the two large masses (M1 and M2, with M1 < M2) follow a standard two-body Keplerian orbit,
while the small mass (m) moves in the gravitational potential generated by M1 and M2. Lagrange
examined quasicircular orbits: he determined that, in the corotating frame where M1 and M2 are
at rest, there are ve points of equilibrium for m, now known as the Lagrange points L1{L5. In
the inertial frame, the Lagrange points correspond to stationary orbits, which have the property
that the distance between m and M1 and M2 is constant at all times.
In the corotating frame, the Lagrange points L1{L3 sit along the line that joins M1 and M2;
these points are unstable, meaning that a small mass initially placed there will gradually veer
o (this did not keep NASA from placing the SOHO solar observatory at L1 in the Earth{Sun
system, and from planning the WMAP microwave-radiation anisotropy probe for L2, because
unstable orbits can still be corrected with thrusters). On the contrary, L4 and L5 are stable; they
sit roughly along the orbit of M1, respectively sixty degrees ahead and behind this mass. Apart
from mathematical arguments, we can nd evidence of their stability by looking up at the sky:
the L4 and L5 points of the Jupiter{Sun system are home to the two families of Trojan asteroids
(so called because they were given names associated with the Iliad ). Trojan asteroids have been
found also at the Lagrange points of Mars and Neptune.
When this assignment was originally written, no trojan asteroids of earth had been found.
However, a trojan asteroid of earth has now been discovered:
Caltech and students from around the globe met at Caltech in the summer of 2011 to compete
in the Caltech Space Challenge to design a mission to a near earth asteroid. They considered this
new trojan asteroid, 2010 TK7, but as the article explains, it is more di cult to reach than some
other known near earth asteroids. Once you are done with this assignment, which considers trojan
asteroids around jupiter, you may wish to model the 2010 TK7 orbit.